More than a Butter dish

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Joelle was a busy mom.

With three young kids, it was tough to always clean up after dinner. 



Joelle's A-ha! Moment

She’d left the butter out overnight. Joelle learned from her friend Butter doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Butter dishes were a mess!

“What a mess!” Joelle thought.

“What’s everyone else using?”

“Where’s the flip-top butter dish?”


Butterie was born

Butterie is the world’s only butter dish where the lid is attached to the base. Just flip it open, get some butter, and flip it closed.


Joelle Research

She took a bunch of regular, store-bought butter to a food safety lab to have them test it.

For 21 days the butter sat in the lab at room temperature. And the butter, which was inspected under a microscope, was fine.

And guess what?

46% of people surveyed had “No Idea” butter can be stored on the counter.



Joelle started Kitchen Concepts in 2016 from her garage in Northridge, without experience in production, supply chain. 


Butterie is in Business

Today you can find our products in Bed Bath & Beyond, on the Home Shopping Network and in hundreds of kitchen and gift stores across the country. Kitchen Concepts is member of the International Housewares Association and the Better Business Bureau.

Butterie Now

Our Butterie Family

Joelle’s “one-woman-show” grew to a thriving business with several employees, amazing customers, and a warehouse of products. 

We are steadfast in our commitment to always deliver innovative products and exceptional customer service. We are humbled by our success and extraordinarily grateful for every customer and every sale.