Is it safe to store butter on the counter?
The answer is Yes!

It is a scientific fact

That butter does not require refrigeration. By keeping your butter on the counter, it is always soft, easy to spread, and tastes delicious. And yes, we’re talking about pure stick butter.

Three Weeks!


Our Company, Kitchen Concepts Unlimited, conducted a shelf life study on butter. We worked with a food safety lab and tested all kinds of butters, including salted, unsalted, organic, European brands, and the regular generic brand you’d find at any grocery store. 

The scientist at the lab tested for yeast, mold, bacteria and rancidity. “If food is going to spoil, one of those four things will happen to it,” the scientist said. For 21 days, the bitter sat in the lab at room temperature (68°F – 78°F), and the butter, which was inspected under a microscope, was fine. Or, as the scientist said, “of good microbial quality.” 

Have We Blow Your Mind?

If so, you are not alone! We also conducted a nationwide survey and learned that 46% of people surveyed had “no idea” butter can be stored on the counter.

And yet 22% of people surveyed actually do keep butter on the counter.

Start Enjoying

Soft Butter Anytime

With Butterie, you can easily and conveniently enjoy soft butter anytime. Our dish is designed for countertop use.